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Spotlight on Heart Researcher Dr Jeroen Hendriks

Dr Jeroen Hendriks

Earlier in the year Australian Heart Research (AHR), part of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group, proudly announced funding for a lifesaving research project to treat the common heart condition, Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

One of the world-class researchers working on this revolutionary project is Dr Jeroen Hendriks. Originally from the Netherlands, Dr Hendriks is now based in Adelaide and is making inroads in heart research! Read his story below.

Dr Hendriks began his career as a nurse in the Netherlands and found himself working alongside a cardiologist, developing an interest in cardiology, in particular AF.

“I first became interested in AF from a study I performed as part of my PhD back in the Netherlands, which is similar to what I am involved with here in Adelaide,” Dr Hendriks said.

“We had a small multidisciplinary team including a nurse and cardiologist and involved more than 700 patients with AF. We conducted a randomised control trial and found we had a significant or major reduction in cardiovascular hospitalisation and mortality while improving guideline adherence compared to standard care.”

This sparked Dr Hendriks’ interest in AF and it was a chance encounter with leading Adelaide cardiologist Professor Prashanthan (Prash) Sanders that began their collaboration together.

“I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association in Brisbane in 2012 while I was in my final stages of my PhD where I spoke about our study back in the Netherlands around AF management. This is where I met Prof Sanders and ideas were developed to work together,” Dr Hendriks said.

“I then packed my bags and returned to Australia in February 2015 and have been working with Prof Sanders and the team ever since.”

Dr Hendriks, alongside Prof Sanders and Dr Dennis Lau, were the successful recipients of THRF’s inaugural Translational Grant Round at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The team are now developing a specialised, multi-disciplinary clinic for AF which will be investigated through the iCARE-AF Trial, which you can read more about this lifechanging clinic here.

“I’ve just begun my fourth year working in Adelaide and I plan on staying. I believe our clinic will save lives and prevent life-threatening outcomes for those who suffer from AF,” Dr Hendriks said.

“I’m so grateful for the funding we have received towards our clinic through AHR and THRF. Funding is absolutely crucial otherwise we cannot keep conducting our research that will help Australians and those around the world who have AF.”

You can ensure Dr Hendriks’ vital research can continue by donating towards AHR today!

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