Australian Heart Research (AHR) respects the privacy of individuals, and takes seriously the trust of individuals who generously donate to support clinical and laboratory based research into heart disease being undertaken at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Goods and Services
AHR is licensed to collect on-line donations to support heart research undertaken at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. On-line donations can be made to Australian Heart Research using a credit or debit card.
Australian Heart Research operates as a research affiliate of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation which is a Registered Charity, a Public Benevolent Institution, a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient and has a Charitable Collections license. The Australian Business number is ABN 86 248 830 078.

All on-line donations will be issued with a receipt. Receipts must be retained for taxation purposes.

Currency for On-line Donations
AHR’s country of domicile is Australia. All transactions on this website must be made in Australian (AUD) dollars.

Refund Policy
On-line donations to AHR are non-refundable. In the event of a payment processing error or payment query please contact Paul Flynn, Chief Executive, Australian Heart Research on: P 08 8244 0591 or via post – 60 Woodville Rd, Woodville SA 5011.

On-line Payment Privacy
AHR uses recommended measures to secure your personal information. All transactions are processed directly through the Westpac secure gateway. All credit card details are deleted from the Internet Server immediately. No personal information is held or stored on the Australian Heart Research website.

Security Capabilities and Policy for Transmission of Payment Card Details
The Australian Heart Research website has been designed by DSpace, Level 1, 78 Regent Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

To ensure the highest level of security for your transactions, the site has installed GeoTrust SSL which has 256-bit SSL Encryption. This is the same level of security as banks offering on-line banking services require.

Further Inquiries
Any inquiries in relation to this policy should be referred in writing to:
The Privacy Officer, Australian Heart Research, Locked Bag 1, Regency Park SA 5010
Contact details:
Paul Flynn
Chief Executive
Australian Heart Research

60 Woodville Road
Woodville SA 5011
P 08 8244 0591
F 08 8244 1200

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