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Running to Beat Heart Disease

Nicole Fundraising

Each year, Nicole hosts a fundraiser for a cause close to her heart and this year, Australian Heart Research (AHR) was her charity of choice after a close friend suffered a triple heart bypass.

Luckily, her friend noticed signs before it became a heart attack and he is now on his way to recovery.

“I chose to fundraise for AHR as it’s a charity that supports research into preventing heart disease and aiding recovery whilst creating awareness,” Nicole said.

Nicole decided to compete in the Blackall100, held in Queensland on Saturday 20 October, which is a long-distance marathon, something she always wanted to achieve.

It was a special day for Nicole as it was on the same day as her breast cancer diagnosis two years earlier.

“My aim was to give it a try, have a great time and finish the event,” Nicole said.

“I know I am very lucky to still be able to do what I love as things can change so quickly as I have witnessed with myself and my friends.”

A fantastic effort from Nicole, who raised close to $700 – beating her target of $500!

Nicole’s generous support to AHR will help deliver vital medical research and improve patient care directly for you and your loved one and help our researchers to beat heart disease!

Click here to find out more on hosting your own fundraiser!

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