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A Sober November for Heart Disease

Meet Madeline Gardner! Madeline, a postgraduate medical student at The University of Western Australia, was inspired to go sober last November, raising just over $500 for Australian Heart Research (AHR).

November 25, 20150 comments
Ben is confident research into heart disease will create a brighter future for his young family.

The Power of Heart Research – Ben’s story

At 13 years of age, Ben, who is now a loving husband and father of two, was forced to not only deal with the death of his father from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), but also the realisation he had the same life threatening condition. 

October 29, 20150 comments

“I wear my scar with pride” – Cornel’s Story

Seven years ago Cornel Carvalho was told she only had six months to live. Now, after two open heart surgeries, the 40-year-old mother continues to fight the odds and is remaining positive as an advocate for community awareness and medical research.

October 06, 20150 comments

Living with Congenital Heart Disease – Peter’s Story

Meet Peter Gallagher. Born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), Peter now 43 years old has experienced five open heart surgeries in his lifetime. CHD is a birth defect that exists in the heart structure and disrupts normal blood flow through the heart. Unfortunately surgery has become a way of life for Peter, having his first […]

August 21, 20152 comments
Cindy and Stacey

Living with Heart Disease – Cindy’s Story

It seems like it has gone on forever. The continuous pain. The not knowing when it’s going to happen. My name is Cindy – I have two beautiful children, a gorgeous grandson and a loving husband. I also have a life-threatening heart condition. I remember when it first happened, when I was only 35. I […]

May 26, 20151 comment

Living life at almost 100% after cardiac arrest: Des’s story

Donna Cameron is a strong believer in the need for medical research after her husband of almost 20 years, Des Maloney, had a cardiac arrest in February 2014 at the age of 59. As a result of the cardiac arrest, Des suffered a hypoxic brain injury which kept him in a coma for a number […]

May 11, 20150 comments
Peter and kids in train

Dummett Family Triathlon – In Memory of Peter

Two years ago, the Dummett family lost Peter, a wonderful husband, father, father-in-law and papa. Peter was 68 when he passed away from a complicated heart condition, which he had battled with for many years. On March 1 2015, his family participated in the Gatorade Queensland TriSeries in Raby Bay, raising over $1,200 for Australian […]

April 13, 20150 comments
Judy cardiac Syndrome X Australian Heart Research

Judy – Living with Cardiac Syndrome X

Judy Myers considered herself a very fit person. Through previously owning her own gym, coaching athletes at the Institute of Sport in Canberra and leading an active lifestyle she is someone who understands what fitness is and the benefits it brings. So when the 54-year-old from Henley Beach in South Australia started suffering from regular […]

January 09, 20153 comments
Heart Attack survivor Allan encourages everyone to donate to medical reseach find better treatments for heart disease.

Allan – Research Advocate

Allan Goode had spent a day on the golf course, when he suddenly felt unwell. He lay down, thinking it was just sunstroke or dehydration, as he hadn’t been drinking very much. His friend Graeme drove him home and got him settled. Although unsure it was a heart attack Graeme, who had suffered one himself […]

June 18, 20140 comments
heart disease research support

Colin – heart attack survivor

Having spent time in seven different hospitals twenty-three times throughout his life, Colin has very good reason to support medical research, having personally reaped many of its benefits. One of the most serious incidents that landed him in hospital was a heart attack in 2001 just after he retired. Colin was 62-years-old. “I was outside […]

March 27, 20140 comments