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Grant’s Life-Changing Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation

Imagine being diagnosed with a condition you’ve never heard of. This was the frightening reality for 55-year-old loving father-of-two Grant Octoman who was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a condition affecting the heart, making it beat out of rhythm.

August 28, 20180 comments
Judy Myers Main Image

The leading heart research relieving 4 years of endless pain

There is an advanced treatment for unexplained heart conditions which are hurting your loved ones and mine every day. Because of people like you supporting Australian Heart Research (AHR), the lifesaving research outcome has been made possible. Thank you! Your support this Christmas will ensure this world-first research will benefit more of our loved ones. […]

November 03, 20173 comments
Tim Lamming

Living in Hope for a Better Life

Tim Lamming’s life was turned upside down after he was diagnosed with MINOCA and has been experiencing severe daily chest pain ever since. He lives in hope that Professor Beltrame will bring an end to his pain, with his world-first life-changing research.

July 18, 20170 comments
Vicki and husband

A Widow’s Broken Heart

Vicki Khor was pleasantly surprised to receive our latest newsletter detailing researchers at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research are leading the way in understanding a condition Vicki knows all too well…

April 06, 20170 comments
Graeme running in one of many triathlons.

Graeme’s Triathlon to Health

Graeme Sutton, a former Ironman athlete representing Australia twice in Triathlons was a fit and healthy 50-year-old, a picture of good health and wellbeing.

August 05, 20163 comments
Ina Quinn with her beloved daughter Bec.

A Mother’s Broken Heart

Ina Quinn has been through extreme heartbreak. Losing her 40-year-old daughter Rebecca (Bec) to Ewing’s Sarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) in October of 2014, Ina had to endure her own grief while helping Rebecca’s three beautiful sons through the loss of their beloved mother.

February 29, 20160 comments

Why did his heart stop? Malcolm’s story

Last September Malcolm Philp and his wife Vicki were planning their move from Adelaide to the Gold Coast to start their new adventure into the world of a long awaited retirement. One afternoon, only a week away from their pending move, Malcolm picked up his car keys to run some errands and Vicki noticed something […]

February 18, 20160 comments

A Sober November for Heart Disease

Meet Madeline Gardner! Madeline, a postgraduate medical student at The University of Western Australia, was inspired to go sober last November, raising just over $500 for Australian Heart Research (AHR).

November 25, 20150 comments
Ben is confident research into heart disease will create a brighter future for his young family.

The Power of Heart Research – Ben’s story

At 13 years of age, Ben, who is now a loving husband and father of two, was forced to not only deal with the death of his father from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), but also the realisation he had the same life threatening condition. 

October 29, 20150 comments