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A Sober November for Heart Disease


Meet Madeline Gardner!

Madeline, a postgraduate medical student at The University of Western Australia, was inspired to go sober last November, raising just over $500 for Australian Heart Research (AHR).

What was Madeline’s inspiration? As part of her studies of the cardiovascular system, she realised the damaging health effects alcohol can have on the human heart.

“I felt that just because ‘Ocsober’ was over doesn’t mean we should forget the risks associated with alcohol consumption,” Madeline said.

Aligning her fundraiser with the lead up to the summer holidays, Madeline was hoping her peers would go into the warmer weather more aware of the risks around increased alcohol consumption.

“From my university studies I have become aware of the high prevalence of heart disease in Australia often related to type 2 diabetes and obesity, of which alcohol can be a large contributor.

“I believe people don’t associate alcohol with heart disease, and I wanted to bring it to their attention.

“I think Australia needs to place more focus on heart disease and that’s why I chose to support vital research through AHR.”

AHR is very grateful for Madeline’s support during her sober November, and thank her for the amazing support!

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